Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Awww.. Daamn! Nexus banned me again!? Why the hell you always do this to me? You f*cking gay racist..Well what ever.. I am now happy 'cause I have blog here and you can't stop me.

Well what ever.. Let's talk about something So I wanted to take little bit pictures of Dylan too. This race is very nice and I really love that "chocolate skin". Yummy!<3


  1. Yeah, that chocolate skin is simply awesome! About the Nexus, it's strange they keep banning you. Do you know that nudity is not allowed in images? There must be a reason why they keep kicking you out! :(

  2. Nexus says that I'm troll o_o I don't understand that at all, 'cause I'm no troll. :/

    And yeah.. I just love this character. I always have white skinned characters 'cause there is no good looking chocolate male race. But then i found this race on max heart flan blog and i just have to tried this ^^