Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Tree Of Us

The Tree Of Us




Back story:

It all started when the Reaver ex-boyfriend Dave murdered his family and destroy they hometown. And then he found out that Dave was a demon.. Satan's  third son.

Many years later, Reaver wants revenge, and he decided to found Dylan; the demon hunter. When he found this guy he ask him to join and teach him everything about demons.

A couple of years passed and Dylan began to fall in love with Reaver secretly..He wanted to be the one .. But unfortunately, Reaver's heart was lost to Dave ..


  1. It's quite original! Ok, an angel and a demon in love has been seen many times, but I like the hunter in between. That might be a very interesting triangle.

  2. yeah.. I think a lot that will this be a good story 'cause there is so much demon x angel love story so.. then I make hunter who will fall in love with angel. And now it's look pretty cool story.