Thursday, September 27, 2012


So I'm little bit sad right now..
So I made these to make me feel little bit better.

"Here in dark.. My heart is bleeding"

"I thought I heard your heart beats.."

"But it's was mine.."

"Why did you leave me?"


  1. I'm sorry for Reaver but I guess suffering is part of everyone's life. Even angels cry for love.

    P.S. I would recommend to put a link back to your blog in your profile. There's no way to get to this page from there.

  2. Well let's hope that someone will fix Reaver heart.. :)

    Hmmm.. "a link back to your blog in your profile." - What do you mean with this? I didn't fully understand :(

  3. Here, in the left column there's the "view my complete profile" button. Click on that and you will be able to see you own profile. You should add the link to this blog (perhaps in the about section) so those who view your profile can arrive here.

  4. Oh now I see.. Thanks you very much : )