Monday, October 8, 2012

Sorry everybody.. I haven't write for a long time, 'cause I have fucking hard life.. I promised to take more screenshot and show them for you. And of course.. I'm going to make a new character..!


  1. hey, sorry to know your life is hard. i hope you won't disappear forever like everyone else did.
    and i just thought i should remind you to share your beautiful screen shots on that tesadventures forum i showed you.

  2. Aww.. I will never disappear forever. It's little bit sad to know that there is some who has disappear, 'cause what Nexus do :/

    And I will! XD When I learn how to use that site. (total failure I am *embarrassed* )

  3. why, you only have to host your pictures in some other place, for example @ and post the links via [img][/img] tags. thats all i think. and you have to make a topic for your images, just like i did.