Saturday, October 13, 2012

So.. I made two new characters! First Nylon and second "me as a oblivion character". 

 This is Nylon. I think this race is very cute.. 
(I have to take more pictures)

So here is me as a oblivion character.. He won't have yet name
'cause I don't know what name would be good for him..

And here is little bit information..
(I have to make back story for this character)

He is 20 years old, and he is always been slave.
The only thing what he want is freedom.. 

(sorry I noticed that somebody is written somebode : / )


  1. i'm glad you enjoy the prettyfaces i made! the drowned swan's skin was made by flan but i've made the face XD and i think this is the first swan i see since the release. and since hes a slave, may i ask who is his master?

    1. Oh? That's so amazing work what you two do! I'm so jealous that I can't do anything XD But yeah.. I think that hes master is first Skingrad king, but he don't love that ugly king XD so.. he is going to run away there, and got captured again! (I'm going to make handsome master for him, who will captured him :3)

    2. ahh i should go check out whether my skingrad king is ugly!

  2. all these guys are our babies, i mean literally, the children of love. i wish more people downloaded them to their computers, for we dont have any other way to mix and reproduce. isn't this tragic.

  3. I have a suggestion for the second character's name: call him "Io". Io in Italian means "I", "me" but it's also a mythological name, I think it would be cute.