Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Random Stuff

 So I was making to master for  him ->

(he still don't have any name.. Maybe he is just Nameless, or Zero)

So here is Jaguar, Mage of the Shadows.
He is 35 years old, and I was thinking that maybe
he will be Nameless/Zero's older brother?

I made a little back story.

So Nameless/Zero escape from Skingrad severs. He didn't want to be
slave no more! He wanted love.. 
He ran like a crazy 30 days, seeking asylum. He didn't want to get caught ..
At last he found an abandoned castle, but it was Jaguar's Castle, the wizard 
who was more feared than the plague ..


                But... I have a little problem too.. I can't choose which eyes or hair are perfeckt for him..

So..Can you help me, and tell what you think? : /


  1. let him have no name at all.
    i'm starting to dislike the fact i've given my name to my selfcharacter- sometimes it feels like ive presented my bad karma to him as well.

    as for the eyes, i like the 'swampy' ones on this character. although my favourite swan eyes are those i named 'homesick'. ohshit, i cant remember did i post the 'reptile' eye set in the blog. they're too good to be ignored! also, the glassy ones. i've got two versions of them.

    also, i more like the darker hair on the second character. are you okay with making them both of same race? they look like 2 close relatives to me XD

  2. Yeah.. I like when the character have no name at all. It's make him kinda different and more interesting to play :)

    And I think that those swampy eyes are better for him and I don't really know what race would be perfect "master" for Nameless. Do you know any good race what still would fix together with Nameless? ^^

    And thanks you for comments, and sorry my bad english :3

  3. I would definitely go for the swampy eyes...

  4. Ohh hey. Answering your question about a good race- i've got a couple more. Look at my blog. 2 more races were released since your last post. Thought maybe you'd like to chack them out/make a new character.
    ...and know what, I just remembered I have a CM companion made by a person named HoneyVanity- his name is Master! He's a vampire, and this is how he looks -